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Hebrews 2- What is it THERE FOR?

Hebrews 2 begins with the word "Therefore." Any time you see this word in scripture, you should pause and ask yourself, "What is it THERE FOR?" (Did you see what I did there? Ha!)

The author has just spent an entire chapter delineating WHO Jesus is. Now, he moves on with a "therefore." If Jesus is __________ then ____________.

If Jesus is God's son, heir of all things, creator, the EXACT imprint of God's nature, purifier of our sins, above the angels, Lord of lords, and settled at the right hand of God because his salvation work has been done for us, THEN we MUST pay attention!

Verses 1-2 are referring to the Mosaic Law. (The law of Moses found in the first 5 chapters of the Bible). If, according to the law, sins are followed by retribution, then how do we expect to avoid retribution if we neglect the gift of salvation?

What does it mean in verse 8 that "Everything in subjection to him?"

Read verse 17. Notice the beginning word. Therefore. What is it there for?

As you study Chapter 2 over the next couple days, I challenge you to read it 2 times each day from different versions of the Bible. You can find these on multiple apps if you don't have them in your home.

Look up 2 words that you find interesting or confusing. Use a Bible Dictionary (online) or a concordance. Give it a try! Also, I encourage you to read the study notes in your Bible thoroughly. If there are reference verses given, look them up too! HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Don't forget to ask God to help you see how these verses apply to you. I hope you take the time to write out a verse that stands out to you and also journal your insights. Be blessed my friends!

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