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The Blessed Day

The Blessed Day Ministry

I felt called to ministry in October of 2014 at a friend's funeral. It was so clear in my heart and spirit that I just knew it was the Lord speaking to me. Long story short, I did everything I thought I needed to do to be in ministry. I made a plan and pursued it full speed ahead including enrolling in a Master's degree program, attending multiple speaking conferences and creating a 2 page, single spaced, list of "To Do's" before it would become official.  This went on for over 2 years. Basically, I was constantly spinning my wheels but never getting anywhere. A conversation with a friend helped me see that my pride had gotten in the way of letting the Lord do what he had planned. I came home from her house, threw away the "To Do" list, and mourned the loss of a dream and a calling. 

I've kept a journal on and off most of my life, and during this time, I spent even more time writing in it. The one I was using wasn't really working for me, so I created my own. I needed a page that integrated my devotional time with my personal life. Around that time, I was asked to do a one-time workshop on Bible Journaling. I was honored and chose to walk the women through the journal page I had created. God began to open doors and women got excited about the method that I used. They started asking for journals and I held a few small workshops with my friends. One night, I was crying to my husband about how my calling must have been fake because I still wasn't doing ministry. He gently looked me square in the face and said, "Nici, I have to ask you something. When you do your journaling, are you sharing Jesus? Are you using your God-given gift of teaching? Are you using the creativity that you have been blessed with?" I answered him honestly, "Yes.". He just smiled and said "Honey, you're doing ministry." 

That was when the lights came on for me. Once I allowed my pride to get out of the way so Jesus could do what he wanted to, it all happened so naturally that I didn't even realize it! Ministry doesn't look at all like I thought it would. I'm constantly amazed at how the Lord is using something as simple as Scripture writing and journaling to reach the hearts of men, women and children and get them excited about pursuing the Lord through his Word. 

Now, a workshop can look like anything from a Zoom call one-on-one, to a Middle School campout, to a group of friends gathered around the table, to a church fellowship hall filled with women of all ages. I'm constantly humbled and amazed at the Lord's goodness and faithfulness. 

I want to encourage you...ministry doesn't mean a person standing on a stage preaching to hundreds. It can mean loving on your
children and neighbor kids, working as a nurse, cleaning someone's home, or any one of a thousand other things. Ministry is sharing the love of Jesus, his saving grace, and opportunity for an eternity with him. What does your ministry look like?

Nici Ahrenholz - Founder

Nici Ahreholz
So this is me. A small town, Nebraska girl, calling west central Minnesota "home" for the last 27 years. I still root for the Cornhuskers, eat casseroles instead of hotdish and play "Duck Duck Goose" when I get the chance. I married my love, Todd in 1995 after meeting him at North Central Bible College in Minneapolis. After a year in Colorado, we made Minnesota home. Having 2 boys helped me to embrace the Minnesota life loving all things LAKE, including surfing and ice fishing. 
I enjoy reading, napping, walking, and anything that gets my creative juices flowing: acting, singing, piano, knit and crochet, painting, journaling, drawing, sewing etc. I struggle with self-discipline, sugar addiction and putting others first.

I'm kind of a "jack of all trades, master of none."  I currently work at R&J Tours as a Tour Planner, but other careers I have embraced include: barista, receptionist, mural artist, 1st grade teacher, tour director, and drive thru window girl. My heart and soul loves teaching which is one of the reasons I have created this site. I love to learn and I love to teach. 

I would love to learn more about YOU! If if you want, please click on the "contact" box and let me know a bit about yourself. If there is a specific way that I can pray for you, please share it with me. It would be my privilege to partner with you in prayer. 

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