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Devotional Journaling is an easy way to connect faith and life. With this method of journaling, you can express gratitude, track habits, set priorities, write Scripture, study the Bible, and keep a diary - all on one page. It is perfect for deepening your faith and reflecting on your life in a meaningful way.

The Blessed Day encourages you to utilize the S.O.A.P method of Bible Study. For more information on S.O.A.P., click HERE.

Benefits of Devotional Journaling


Improves your focus, memory and analytical skills when studying the Bible. 

Helps to connect faith to life by allowing space and time for Bible study and daily reflection.

Streamlines your prayers by encouraging lists with dates for requests and answers.

Why Write Scripture?

  • Provides a fresh perspective on what you’re reading

  • Encourages you to slow down

  • Allows for deeper application – You can listen to the Holy Spirit because you aren’t just reading and moving on

  • Helps to eliminate distractions

  • Equips us to notice the details.

Why Write (1).png

Improves your focus, memory, and analytical skills when studying the Bible

Connects faith and life through Bibles study and daily reflection.

Streamlines your prayers by encouraging 

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