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4 Simple Steps to Devotional Journaling

Wanna try DEVOTIONAL JOURNALING but don’t know where to start? Follow along with these 4 easy steps to do the S.O.A.P. method for MARK 12:30-31.

1. Grab a Bible, a notebook and something to write with. (Easy right?)

2. SCRIPTURE: Copy Mark 12:30-31 word for word in your notebook.

It doesn’t matter what translation you use. You can even pull it up on the internet.

- Read the entire passage. Either the whole chapter of Mark 12 or the section about The Great Commandment. It’s important to read and study scripture within context.

3. OBSERVATION: Answer these questions to examine the scripture a bit more.

- Who said this?

- Who was he talking to?

- Where else can we find these words in scripture? (Hint: look in the side margins or notes in your bible. If you can’t find it, google it!)

4. APPLICATION: What does this verse mean to YOU?

- Think of someone else you love dearly. How do you show love to that person? How can you show Jesus the same kind of love?

- If you are going to use ALL of your heart, soul, mind and strength to love Jesus, is there anything else that might need to go? Anything else that is stealing your attention from the Lord?

- Think of a “neighbor”, a friend or an acquaintance. How can you show love to that person TODAY?

5. PRAY: If you need to change the way you have been loving God, tell him that! Repent for the times that you may have put other things before him. Ask for the Holy Spirit to prompt you to put God and others before yourself today.

That’s it! Isn’t it FUN!? Integrating FAITH AND LIFE doesn’t have to be a challenge. Taking the Word of God a little at a time and looking for understanding and ways to apply it to our own lives can make an extravagant difference in our hearts.

Be Blessed Today!

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